Ibiza´s Churches IV

Ibiza´s Churches are unique in the world because they were conceived as fortresses to protect the population from attack by pirates. In addition to its defensive aspect, which differs from any other church built off the island of Ibiza temples are extraordinary and beautiful examples of simplicity that combines masterfully forms of the chapels, ships, presbyteries, towers, walls and gantries. All churches are located in the center of each town and govern the daily life of every people: they are the meeting place of many of its inhabitants and the setting for meetings, festivities and concerts outdoors. The churches are part of the rich cultural heritage and architectural heritage of the original Ibiza.

St. Mateo, St. Agnes (here we call Corona)  Sant Miquel and Santa Gertrudis. A quick and short visit to the north of the island, which we call many “one another Ibiza” what-k lenda call “home.”