Formentera – from lighthouse to lighthouse

Maybe two of the most visited points in Formentera, and for sure, the most photographiated – and painted –  along the year between locals and foreigners.

Cap de Berberia´s name it´s supposed to come from being the one that´s closer to the lands of the moorish – from which we used to suffer raids and landings in the XV-XVIII centuries – it´s known for its natural cave, the stunning views, for being filmed in a 90´s famous spanish movie (Lucía y el sexo), and for a Formentera wine, which vineyards grow in these arid lands.

La Mola Lighthouse – you´ll enjoy of the views, located in a cliff of 120 m. over the sea, in the highest point of Formentera it´s said that Jules Verne was inspired here to write his book “The Lighthouse at the end of the World”.

If you like, drive here at night. A long and straight road takes you here from el Pilar de la Mola. We love to see the lighthouse working and pointing towards us while we drive to it.

It´s a nice excursion that you can do in any transport, bike, moped or with your hirecar. But it´s also a well-known running race between the people of the pithiusic islands.

If you want to do it on your own, take care and carry plenty of water. The heat and the humidity together with the sun, is not a joke in Formentera.