Salinas Formentera – Saltworks

The saltworks, known and operated from V century b.C.
A good that fed many families in the ancient ( and not so ancient times). Unfortunately the saltworks are not operative in Formentera nowadays. Exists a projecto to restore the extraction of the salt using traditional methods and taking profit of the excelent quality of the Formentera┬┤s salt (known for its low sodium content and the presence in its composition of very healthy minerals) . In parallel the company “Salines Formentera” will restore the walls, ditches, gates and pump houses, among other things. But still, inactivity makes this landscape integrated in a protected environment present some kind of wrecking boat look.

Did you know that within the Natural Park of Ses Salines de Formentera exists the largest and oldest living being in the world?┬á It is a seaweed known as “Posidonia” that with 8 km long and 100,000 years old, conforms a colony of 700 km2 being 78% of the planetary reserves of this seaweed, which spreads through pollination and grows in height at a rate of 1m 100 years to lengths of 40m.

Posidonia is the real one to blame of the emerald water colours of Formentera and Ibiza.