Cala Sant Vicent Beach

If the people from San Carlos between the Ibiza inhabitants have always had some kind of respect because of their special character, the guys from Sa Cala are at the same level or even a bit higher…they love bender, jokes, loud music, in older times they were more rebel,kind of  “guerrilleros” …. simply, nice people. Until the 30´s the only way to get here was with a boat crossing from Santa Eulalia or another port, the other one was walking through the mountains as we had no many horses nor mules here.

After 15 minutes driving through a road with pleny of curves you´ll get here from San Carlos the view as you´re getting here is spectacular. Now you´re in Sant Joan´s parish.

Wide beach, sandy, long, clear waters, view over Tagomago ( the island in front of the beach), pines on both sides, Sa Cala is the biggest beach on this side of the island. A promenade behind the beach with plenty of restaurants, souvenirs, a beach club on the right side of the beach, international kitchen, ibizan dishes, paellas….everything´s got its own little corner on this magnificient beach.

One of the favorite ones for the ibizan people.