Viernes de cine – El Jugador de ajedrez @ Can Jeroni jugador ajedrez

Friday Cinema @ Can Jeroni (St. Josep)
Especial Mostra Festival de Málaga 2018

El Jugador de ajedrez
2017. 98 min. España.

Dirección: Luis Oliveros.
Synopsis: In 1934, Diego Padilla wins the Spanish chess championship and meets a French journalist, Marianne Latour, which he falls in love with. After the years, Marianne convinces Diego so that, along with the daughter of both, they go away to live to France, where Diego shortly after will be accused of spy by the Nazis and locked in a prison of the SS. In prison, Diego will try to survive in a hostile environment thanks to the chess fans of Colonel Maier, the commanding officer, a hieratic, hedonistic and unpredictable man.