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The best way to get to know the Balearic Islands
Events, Landmarks and Routes – What to do in Ibiza, Formentera, Menorca and Mallorca.

Online agenda of cultural, sports and leisure events.
Soak up the local ambiance. Events for everybody, for you to enjoy your leisure time.


Our products

K-Lenda is divided into three categories.

Mobile App

A complete interactive guide of the Balearic Islands in your hand.

Configurable widget for web

Easy to set up and install. To keep your audience informed.

iBeacons for your business

A perfect complement to advertise and highlight your business.

A very human team

K-Lenda is developed in Baleares by the team of Hop&Up S.L.

Marcos Torres Chalk

Creative & Developer

Simón Tur Roselló

Comercial & Editor

Mobile app

The perfect companion for your holidays.

Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android, K-Lenda App, is an interactive guide designed so you can prepare your holiday in the best way possible.

In addition to keeping up to date for a multitude of events, routes and sites of interest, the K-lenda application offers you the possibility of filing everything you need, as if it were a personal agenda, so you can prepare your vacation without missing anything.

With the possibility of scheduling alarms and sharing events with your friends, K-Lenda will become the essential app for your holidays.



Keep your audience informed.

Our widget is the perfect complement to keep your website alive.

Easy to configure and install, with it you can enjoy all the news and events related to the Balearic Islands in 6 different languages.

Customize it to your liking and select the information you want to show your readers. You can configure the news and events that interest you the most; by category, location … or highlight the events of some particular venue. The choice is yours !!



Your business at the forefront of communication.

The iBeacons are an ideal way to inform your potential customers about your offers, products and services.

How does it work ?

The information the iBeacon launches is on the phone, stored in the K-Lenda App. The iBeacon sends a signal via Bluetooth, the phone receives that signal, they recognize each other and the programmed banner is launched.

The range of action is 20 meters. But it can be modified to only affect a certain area.


Would you like to stand out above all others?

Rates and services.

Promote your Events

Would you like to create and highlight your ad in our services?

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K-Lenda widget on your web

Would you like to have the custom widget on your web page?

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iBeacons for your business

Would you like to try our iBeacons in your business?

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Sponsor a Route

Why not sponsor one of our outstanding routes?

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We are preparing a surprise:

The first “Smart City” of the Balearic Islands

We are working to present you the first Smart Area of the island of Ibiza.
Send us your e-mail and we will notify you so that you are the first person to enjoy the experience!


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